Give your kitchen a new make-over

The kitchen is the centerpiece of the house of all, most people want to look better and improve their functionality. However, buying a brand new kitchen cabinet has a lot of money, so some people think about finishing your kitchen cabinet with little money. For a beginner who wants to finish the kitchen cabinet or simply curious about those in the kitchen make-over, here are some simple principles, but practical.
Organize your plan refurbishment first. It is time to shop for materials and tools, you must prepare for some commodities, at least: hand tools such as scrapers, screwdrivers, a basket, ribbon, and brush cleaners. You will also have to wear all day and age to protect surfaces during their work.
Remove the fabric of the dwelling. After emptying the box, you can work with ease.
Remove cabinets and closet shelves. And do not forget to label all the doors and shelves, or you'll have a lot of times you reuse.
Clean the cabinets thoroughly. Any substance hinder oil finish. You can use degreaser to clean the grease. With a damp cloth to clean the wood and let dry.
Clean equipment cabinet. Dip hard on the software solution of soapy water for 30 minutes. Use a soft brush to stroke the material, and let dry.
Because some of the outside
rubbermaid outdoor storage cabinets are made of wood or plywood, is easy to finish painting. If the paint shop of his cabinet, the first of the first surface.
As for being painted, the first part to be launched is the gateway to the outside, from bottom to top. Let dry completely. You should go to paint the face frames and sides of boxes when the door is scheduled to dry. Then go to paint the inside of the door and let it dry completely. Then apply another coat of varnish to the outer surface. No need to add another layer to the inner door. You must leave the cabinet to dry for at least 24 hours before use.