Refinishing the kitchen cabinets

the art of the house, even the kitchen has to undergo some changes from time to time. You have three options. You can reface the kitchen remodel or finish. The finish of the kitchen is the best thing to do. The kitchen cabinets are the most visual impact. Above the doors are the most important part of the cabinet, the most notable. Let's see how this can be done.

The finish of the cabinets
1. First step should be to remove the doors of the kitchen cabinets rta and down all the material for better use of the entire cabinet.
2. After that, you have to sand the surface to feel soft again. To ensure proper application of the color of the surface should be cleaned. You rub the doors of dirt and grease
3. You must respect the condition of the existing paint. If it's good that you can apply a layer of enamel. If the finish is too old, worn or chipped you should put two layers. The first layer is called the base layer or base, is called the second layer. The enamel may be brilliant, but you can also use semi-gloss enamel finish less bright.
4. After that, you can start painting the doors. You can paint the doors with a brush or spray. You can also use mohair or angora small roller applicator face. The spray is best because the color looks good with all types of finishes - gloss, semi-gloss or high. If you know how to work correctly with the brush can be used instead, it adapts well to the final two.
5. Do not forget to clean the rest of the cabinet of dirt and grease.
6. The equipment cabinet may be replaced by a new or clean with soap and water. After drying, the coating can be applied.
7. Then, when everything is clean, dry and painted it all together.
Repair your cabinets will give you a fresh and clean work. It can even be playful with color and give back to the kitchen.